60 Hikes within 60 miles: Albuquerque

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Albuquerque NM Hiking - 60 Hikes within 60 Miles

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The 3rd Edition of 60 Hikes Albuquerque builds upon the 1st and 2nd Editions of the book. When Stephen Ausherman, the author of the first two editions, invited me to participate in this new edition we both knew that many of the hikes in the previous editions had to be replaced because of access and other issues. And between the two of us we also knew of some better hikes that would be good additions to the book. After all, a new edition of any book should reflect what the authors have learned to make it more useful to the reader.

As a result, the 3rd edition has 19 brand-new hikes. Seventeen of the retained hikes have been completely revamped to make them new and better hikes. We’ve also added seven bonus hikes and have updated all of the remaining hikes with the latest information. With a new format and all the pictures and maps in color, this is a new book!

Because the world is not static, hiking areas and conditions can change. Any updates that we hear of will be maintained on this website. Click on any of the hikes listed below for the latest updates. Please email me at davidryan@msn.com with any comments, suggestions, or updates that you may have.

— Thank you, David Ryan

Hike Updates

Greater Albuquerque

1 Ball Ranch

December 9, 2020   Had a chance to check the lock at Ball Ranch again. There is now a new combination lock. Rather than pushing it in after setting the combination, this lock requires you to pull it out. Always … Continue reading

2 Canyon Estates-Faulty Trails

May 9, 2020 I wrote a blog post today about looking for medallions on the Faulty Trail. The post is really about Hike 2. Here is the link to the post: https://www.gentleartofwandering.com/looking-for-medallion-trees-on-the-faulty-trail/        

3 Carlito Springs

May 14, 2020   With Carlito Springs being closed for the next year or two, you may want to check out Gutierrez Canyon in Cedar Crest. Gutierrez Canyon is a 720 acre City of Albuquerque Open Space property. The Open … Continue reading

4 Corrales Acequias and Bosque Preserve

No updates at this time.    

5 Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

Tent Rocks is currently closed to COVID. When it begins to reopen, it will probably be on a reservation only basis. So please check before going.    

6 La Luz Trail to Crest and Tram

The new restaurant at the top of the Tram is under construction now and is scheduled to open this summer (2019).    

7 Petroglyph National Monument: Piedras Marcadas

February 3, 2021   On page 52 there is a reference to the “U.S. Eagle Plaza” being the tallest building off in the distance in downtown Albuquerque. The building is now in the process of changing its name to “WaFd … Continue reading

8 Petroglyph National Monument: The Volcanoes

No updates at this time.    

9 Piedra Lisa Trailhead Options

May 30, 2019 – Today’s Albuquerque Journal – “Go” page has an article about parking improvements at the nearby La Luz trail head and mentioned that the parking area is a Forest Service fee area. I drove up to the … Continue reading

10 Pino Trail

No updates at this time.    

11 Rio Grande Nature Center – Bosque/Ditch Walk

No updates at this time.    

12 Three Gun – Embudo Trails: Up-and-Over-the-Sandias Adventure

No updates at this time.    

13 Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge

August 15, 2020 Access to the Bosque at Valle de Oro is now open. You now have to park at the entrance and walk into the Bosque. I need to find out if this is a permanent or temporary situation. … Continue reading

East of the Mountains

14 Armijo – Cienega Spring

June 19, 2020   If you have done Hike 14 recently, you may have noticed several new trails in the area. If you’re interested in checking them out, here is a map of the new trails. Just click on the … Continue reading

15 Del Agua Overlook

No updates at this time.    

16 Fourth of July Canyon – Cerro Blanco

No updates at this time.    

17 Golden Open Space

November 22, 2020   If you have a State Land Office Recreation Access Permit (go to www.nmstatelands.org for more information on permits), you might want to check out the junction of Arroyo Seco and San Pedro Creek. See map below: … Continue reading

18 Mars Court Trailhead – David Canyon

March 4, 2021   Good News! The County has installed a new street name sign to identify Mars Court. When the dogs and I were hiking today, we noticed an area that was bombed with fire retardant during a forest … Continue reading

19 Red Canyon

No updates at this time.    

20 Sabino Canyon and Juan Tomas Open Spaces

September 28, 2020   There is a typo on page 119 in the directions. The directions for both Sabino and Juan Tomas should say “From I-40 East” rather “From I-40 West.”    

21 San Pedro Mountains Mining Area

December 9, 2020   Had a chance to visit the San Pedro area today. The BLM has now put their sign on the gate so it is now easier to know that you are at the right place.   April … Continue reading

22 Tree Spring – Crest Trail

The new restaurant at the top of the Tram is now under construction. The new restaurant is scheduled to open this summer (2019). October 2, 2019: The area around the Bonus Hike on page 129 (Tecolote Trail) has had considerable … Continue reading

Greater Santa Fe

23 Bandelier National Monument: Falls Trail

No updates at this time.    

24 Borrego Trail

No updates at this time.    

25 Canada de la Cueva

December 21, 2020   Enough people have now hiked from the trailhead to make the faint two track leading to the canyon a strong and easily recognizable trail. After a short distance, the trail will fork. Both forks reach the … Continue reading

26 Cerrillos Hills State Park

No updates at this time.    

27 Diablo Canyon – Buckman

May 9, 2020   Just as I was turning over the manuscript for the 3rd edition of the 60 Hikes book to the publisher, the Santa Fe County Open Space, Forest Service, and BLM dedicated a new bike trail from … Continue reading

28 Hyde Memorial State Park

No updates at this time.    

29 La Cieneguilla Petroglyph Site and Canon

No updates at this time.    

30 Lower Water Canyon – Lion Cave Trails

No updates at this time.    

31 Nambe Lake

No updates at this time.    

32 Puerto Nambe – Santa Fe Baldy

No updates at this time.    

33 Twin Hills

September 16, 2020 Stephan Ausherman and I (David Ryan) hiked out to Twin Hills (Hike 33) yesterday. It was a bit warm, so you might want to save this hike for cooler weather. The road has deteriorated since my last … Continue reading

34 White Rock Canyon: Red Dot/Blue Dot Trails

No updates at this time.    

Northwest of Albuquerque

35 Cabezon Peak

No updates at this time.    

36 Continental Divide Trail (CDT): Deadman Peaks

No updates at this time.        

37 Guadalupe Outlier

No Updates at this time.    

38 Holiday Mesa

October 21, 2020: I had the opportunity to do the Holiday Mesa hike this weekend and noticed a sign at the Gilman Tunnels gate that said “No automobiles between FS 376 and the river.” I called up the Jemez Ranger … Continue reading

39 La Lena WSA: Empedrado Ridge – CDT

No updates at this time.    

40 McCauley Hot Springs

No updates at this time.    

41 Ojito Wilderness: Hoodoo Trail

No updates at this time.    

42 Ojito Wilderness: Seismosaurus Trail

No updates at this time.    

43 Paliza Canyon Goblin Colony

No updates at this time.    

44 San Ysidro Trials Area

December 26, 2020   The dogs and I finally had a chance to check out the combination lock at the San Ysidro Trials Area. And the lock worked like a champ. Just make sure you contact the BLM office (505-761-8700) … Continue reading

45 Stable Mesa

October 12, 2019: The Forest Service closed the road (FS 376) to Stable Mesa early this year to fix a culvert. The road will not reopen until April. In the meantime, enjoy the other hikes in the book.     … Continue reading

46 Valles Caldera National Preserve

July 25, 2019:   Today’s Albuquerque Journal “GO!” page has a good article on accessing Valles Caldera’s backcountry. Our hike at Valles Caldera (Hike 46) is outside the wire and does not require any permits. More importantly, our hike allows … Continue reading

47 White Ridge Bike Trails Area

No updates at this time.    

South and West of Albuquerque

48 Abo Pass Area

No updates at this time.    

49 Canada del Ojo

July 1, 2019: The Albuquerque Journal had a great article on the “Go!” page in the June 13, 2019 issue. Here’s a scan of the article if you haven’t seen it.    

50 El Cerro Tome

No updates at this time.    

51 El Malpais National Monument: Sandstone Bluffs

September 22, 2019: The dogs and I went out to the bluffs today and had a fantastic hike. We even met a man from Chicago using the book to plan his vacation. So far he had taken Hikes: 5, 37, … Continue reading

52 Herrera Mesa

No updates at this time.    

53 Hidden Mountain

July 8, 2020   I just published a blog post on Hidden Mountain. Here’s the link:   https://www.gentleartofwandering.com/wandering-around-the-world-famous-mystery-stone-at-hidden-mountain-new-mexico/     October 10, 2019: The dogs and I went out to Hidden Mountain earlier this week. The only update I noticed … Continue reading

54 Monte Largo Canyon

No updates at this time.    

55 Mount Taylor: Gooseberry Spring

No updates at this time.    

56 San Lorenzo Canyon

No updates at this time.    

57 Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge

No updates at this time.    

58 Sierra Ladrones

No updates at this time.    

59 Trigo Canyon

May 13, 2021 I was driving along NM 47 today and noticed this sign at the turnoff for Trigo Canyon. Don’t let the NO TRESSPASSING message keep you from going to Trigo Canyon. It refers to the land along the … Continue reading

60 Water Canyon Wildlife Area

No updates at this time.