Welcome to the Gentle Art of Wandering.

The Gentle Art of Wandering is both a book and a website. The idea behind both is that the outdoors is for everyone. And if you approach the outdoors with a mindset of presence and connectedness, you will learn that you will discover something amazing and wonderful no matter where you are. You will further learn that these discoveries will lead you on a series of adventures that will keep you engaged for as long as you are able to move around.

The inspiration for both the book and website is that I have enjoyed the outdoors so much that I wanted to share with you what is available to anyone in decent health. A further inspiration is that so many articles in outdoor magazines seem to emphasize the extreme. Even the National Geographic got into the act with their May 2011 cover story about “a new generation of superclimbers” pushing the limits at Yosemite. I hope to show another way.

I have no problem with extreme activities or articles about them. My issue is that with their emphasis on extraordinary achievement, they may be ignoring the discovery and learning aspect of being outdoors. My other concern is that ordinary people, who otherwise might have a great time in the outdoors, are getting the impression that the outdoors is the exclusive realm of extreme athletes and not for them. This would be unfortunate as there is room for everyone outdoors.

The book, The Gentle Art of Wandering, uses real life examples to describe the principles of wandering while the website should be used as a source for supplemental and additional information on wandering. The book illustrates the basic principles of wandering within the context of looking for archaeological sites in the New Mexico backcountry. The book then applies those same principles, and describes new ones, to wander in other environments: urban areas, suburban areas, industrial areas, long distance hiking trails, and more.

The website includes information that was originally intended to be part of the book along with additional examples to show the various aspects of wandering. Over time the website will accumulate a series of wandering examples and adventures. Because the website is more topic oriented rather than current news oriented, I encourage you to look at the Categories on the Home Page to select the postings you want to read.

Please visit often as new Posts and information will be added on regular basis.

Thank you – David Ryan