17 Golden Open Space

January 28, 2020

A reader mentioned to me that with all the twist and turns on La Madera Road that it is easy to get on the wrong road. To make navigation easier, you may want to reset odometer to 0.0 when you get on La Madera:

0.0 – La Madera and NM 14

5.0 – Three-way stop sign; La Madera turns to the right and continues as a paved road. An unpaved road – Skyline Road continues straight ahead.

6.7 – The yellow double-stripe in the road ends; La Madera turns to the left and continues as a lesser quality paved road; Faith Road continues straight ahead as a lesser quality paved road.

7.4 – This is where the pavements ends; La Madera continues as an unpaved road.

9.5 – the Golden Open Space parking area will be on your right.


When the dogs and I went out to the Golden Open Space today we saw several wild horses. Just one more reason to visit this fantastic area!





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