18 Mars Court Trailhead – David Canyon

March 4, 2021


Good News! The County has installed a new street name sign to identify Mars Court. When the dogs and I were hiking today, we noticed an area that was bombed with fire retardant during a forest fire last fall. We also noticed how the Forest Service’s thinning in David Canyon is taking good care of the forest – the underbrush was burned out while the ponderosa are still thriving in the burn zones.

The pink coloring on the rocks is from the fire retardant dropped from an airplane.

Notice how the ponderosa are still thriving in the burn zone. It would be a completely different story if Forest Service had not thinned the trees.


February 3, 2021


The street name sign for Mars Court is currently missing. I have made inquiries as to when it will be replaced. Don’t worry the trailhead is still there. Just follow the directions in the book (page 109) and you’ll easily find the trailhead.


August 6, 2020


Put out a brief Facebook post on the 60 Hike Facebook page. Bottom line – David Canyon is a great place to hike. Here are some pictures:

Warning sign on the border of Forest Service and Air Force land.

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