If you walk in the bosque, you can start your walk at Central Avenue.

April 2, 2014
by David Ryan

City Walking in Albuquerque

In preparation for a talk that I will be giving to the New Mexico Mountain Club on April 16 on urban walking in Albuquerque, I have been taking many city walks in Albuquerque. The timing for the talk is good because more and more people are looking for walkability in their lives. Many of them not only want to be able to run errands on foot but would also like to take an interesting walk without driving to a trailhead.

As the many posts in this blog attest, I love to walk both in cities and the backcountry. The advantage of a city walk is that it does not have the time commitment or driving expense of a backcountry adventure. It is something you can do right now for as much or as little time as you like.

Also, with the right mindset, you will find a walk in town can be just as exciting and fulfilling as a scenic wilderness walk. In a city there is always a new detail to discover or a new corner to explore. Or as Adah Bakalinsky says in her three-part wish dedication of Stairway Walks in San Francisco: The Joy of Urban Exploring:

“that all children develop an appreciation and awareness that nature and man-made beauty can exist in harmony;”

As a newer city that came into its own after the Second World War, Albuquerque was built to accommodate cars. A typical thru street in Albuquerque has six lanes of traffic, a 40 mph speed limit, and a sidewalk right on the curb. It would be hard to find a less inviting place to walk.

A road like this is not inviting for a walk.

Not a great place for a quiet stroll!

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There's even a great view of Bisbee.

March 10, 2014
by David Ryan
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More Stairway Wandering in Bisbee

Last week my dog Petey and I returned to Bisbee, Arizona to get more information for a possible guidebook to the Bisbee stairs. To learn more about Bisbee and its stairs please read the previous blog post, “Stair Wandering in Bisbee”.

And it’s a good thing that we did go back. We found some great hiking trails to include the guide and some stairways that we missed on the first time around. One of those stairways had 170 steps. It would be humiliating to put out a guide and miss a 170 step stairway.

But when a stairway begins between two old garages facing a Circle K parking lot, it’s not easy to find.

When I first noticed these stairs, I thought that they only lead to the house behind the garage.

When I first noticed these stairs, I thought that they only led to the house behind the garage.

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You can see an example of Bisbee's stairs in the background.

February 17, 2014
by David Ryan

Stair Wandering in Bisbee

A little over a week ago my dog Petey and I spent a few days climbing stairs in Bisbee, Arizona. We took many notes and made an inventory of the stairs for a possible guide to the Bisbee stairs.

A stair guide should be a natural for Bisbee, because if you like to climb stairs and to explore a funky town at the same time, Bisbee is the place to go. As you walk around, I think you’ll find Bisbee to be one of the most interesting and, perhaps, the funkiest small town in the country.

This car only scratches the surface on Bisbee's funkiness.

This car only scratches the surface on Bisbee’s funkiness.

You can see an example of Bisbee's stairs in the background.

You can see an example of Bisbee’s stairs in the background.

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