The Bisbee Stairs

Bisbee Arizona Stairs - Book by David Ryan

The Bisbee Stairs: Exploring the Stairways, Trails, and Hidden Corners of Bisbee, Arizona

The Bisbee Stairs is a remarkable guide to exploring America’s most interesting small town on foot. This guide will lead you to the hidden corners of Bisbee. Along the way you’ll climb hard-to-find stairways, pass by amazing houses with wonderful yards, discover shrines, and see works of art everywhere! When you finish your walk you’ll think of Bisbee as a continuous three-dimensional folk art exhibit and find yourself wanting to come back again and again. Bisbee is that interesting! To write this book, the author, David Ryan, made several trips to Bisbee to walk every street, most of them more than once, and climbed every stairway he found along the way. The book describes 82 stairways and mentions many others. The 82 described stairways average 78 steps. 22 of them have over 100 steps. In addition to stairways, the author shows you where to find the trailheads to continue your walk by hiking in the hills high above Bisbee. The book’s 104 pages have over 80 photos, maps, and illustrations.



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